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We’re dedicated to enhancing the allure of your Bluetooth speakers, striving to make them standout offerings in the market. As your manufacturing ally, we present a variety of packaging solutions – from standard color box die-cuts to blister cards and display boxes – all meticulously crafted to elevate the visual appeal of your products.

Step into our advanced, dust-free facility, a realm where precision is paramount. Immerse yourself in our quality assurance process, encompassing thorough checks on material color, PCB panel voltage, and other critical components. Imagine an assembly line where cleanliness meets aesthetics, ensuring your Bluetooth speakers not only sparkle but also tell a compelling visual story.

At Vsound, our commitment transcends conventional standards; we aim to surpass expectations. Let us craft a narrative for your products marked by quality, attention to detail, and visual finesse. With Vsound, your Bluetooth speakers become more than just products – they become a symbol of excellence in the market, propelling your business towards resounding success.

  • All the products Energy-saving design, meet with CE,RoHS, REACH standard.
  • Providing more than 500 SKU for selection by different price range and purposes.
  • More than 75% of private tooling.
  • All products built-in production board, overcharge protection design.
  • We offer 12 months warranty on all of our products.
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