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Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Features And Benefits

Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Factory

Our factory provides custom portable wireless bluetooth speaker services, portable Wireless bluetooth speaker is a wireless technology that can connect to other bluetooth speaker devices for convenient data and audio transfer on mobile devices. It usually includes a small bluetooth speaker transceiver, which can be connected to computers, mobile phones, tablet computers and other devices through a USB interface or other interfaces to realize wireless data transmission and audio playback between devices. The advantage of portable wireless bluetooth speaker is that it is small in size, light in weight, easy to carry, and can perform data transmission and audio playback anytime, anywhere.


Bluetooth Version

Bluetooth 5.2

Speaker Frequency Response

70Hz– 20,000Hz(-6dB)

Driver Type

2.25 inch FullRange + 2 inch bass radiator

Speaker diameteron

57 mm

Speaker impedance

4 ohm

Speaker rated power


Charge current




Battery type

Li-ion polymer battery 4500mAH

Battery lifetime

Remain 80% capacity after 300 cycles

Music play time

8 hours @50% SPL+Lighting modle

Standby time


Charging time


Charge port

Type C

Wireless Range

15m( Free space)

Build-in Microphone


Speaker Type


Water resistance


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