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Sports TWS Earbuds

Features And Benefits

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We provide the sports TWS earbuds are wireless earbuds specially designed for sports enthusiasts, featuring wireless freedom, secure fit, great sound quality and sweat resistance. They are lightweight and portable, provide a comfortable exercise experience, and provide better environmental adaptability through noise reduction or ambient sound mode. Whether it’s running, fitness or outdoor sports, the sporty TWS earbuds provide the convenience, quality and stability to help you reach your full potential in sports.

sports tws earbuds

Sport TWS Earbuds Design

  • Lightweight and comfortable: The sports tws earbuds are made of lightweight materials, adapt to different ear shapes, and reduce the pressure and discomfort when wearing.
  • Secure fit: Designs often include adjustable earhooks, ear fins, or ear straps to ensure the earbuds fit snugly in the ear and stay securely in place.
  • Sweat and Water Resistant: Earbuds can be enhanced with water-resistant materials or special coatings that allow them to withstand light splashes or sweat.
  • Noise isolation: Sports tws earbuds usually adopt a sealed design to effectively isolate surrounding noise.
  • High sound quality: Usually high-quality speaker units and sound processing technology are used to provide clear and dynamic audio effects.


Bluetooth Version

Bluetooth 5.2

Driver Type

Φ12mm × 2pcs

Speaker diameteron

70 mm

Battery type

60 mAh+600 mAh

Music play time

6 hours

Charge port

Type C

Wireless Range

10m( Free space)

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