VSOUND Dealers Recruitment

We strive to develop the highest quality audio electronic products and intelligent hardware products. At present,
we are expanding our dealer network and recruiting excellent dealers from all over the world to cooperate with us.
We sincerely invite you to join our dealer system and develop a market full of opportunities with VSOUND Co., Ltd.

Becoming a VSOUND Dealer, You Can Obtain

Distribution authorization of our products and sales authorization of your country and region

*Good products require good service. Dealers have the advantage of knowing the local market and being able to provide good service. We strongly hope to cooperate with partners with excellent sales experience and rich sales channels to sell VSOUND related products in your sales area.

*We spare no effort to support our dealers. Our guiding principle is to strive to provide all necessary support so that our dealers can focus on serving their customers.

We fully understand the needs of dealers for manufacturers and are committed to becoming your best supply chain partner

*Your concern may be “company scale, R&D capability, cost control, turnover/profit expectation, target market, product innovation, competitive pricing, business ethics…”

*We understand your concern very much. Our company has been engaged in the production and research and development of audio and intelligent hardware for 11 years, and has accumulated rich industry experience.We not only have high-quality self-developed products, but also can provide excellent ODM and OEM products according to your needs. In order to reduce the investment risk of partners, our company promises not to set the minimum order quantity(MOQ).

*Our global dealer network is still waiting for growth, because our dealer network still has many areas that have not been covered, and we are confident about this.

If you are interested in becoming our dealer, we hope to know your company through the following information

We'd love to hear your opinion

If you are curious about our company and product characteristics,quotation, MOQ, capacity delivery time, etc? Please contact us. We will answer all questions within one working day!

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